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Types of Home Renovation

Home Renovation projects may involve Home Addition or Home Remodel.

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What We Do?

A Home Renovation project may involve a Remodel or an Addition.
Our skilled structural engineers can provide the following services for your renovation project:

Structural Site



Structural Permit


Structural Site Inspections

This involves a site visit to assess factors that may impact the structural design of your home for addition or remodel.

Structural Calculations

Load calculations are performed to assess the static and dynamic stresses your home’s structure will need to endure during a seismic activity or earthquake. This helps us determine the appropriate sizes and shapes of the structural members like beams, columns, load-bearing walls, and foundations for safety.

Structural Plans

Based on structural load calculation results, our structural engineers can develop plans for your home’s structural components, such as framing, foundation, and roof systems.

Structural Permit Sets

These typically include detailed drawings and specifications of your home’s structural components, as well as calculations and other documentation required by local building departments to obtain a construction permit.

Construction Administration

Our professional structural engineers can provide Construction Administration services, which include guidance and advice throughout the construction process. This encompasses responding to Request for Information (RFI) , performing Submittal Reviews, addressing Substitution Requests, and conducting Structural Observations . Our structural engineers will inspect the construction work to ensure that your home is built to meet all relevant building codes and regulations as per the approved structural plans. They will also address any unforeseen structural issues that may arise during construction.