Srinivas D.

May 29th, 2022

“The ProStruct team were very professional and at the same time flexible. We had two simultaneous projects with them going at the same time. One was straight forward major renovation and Nithin and team worked with my architect very well. They were very responsive and accepted the many changes we made as we moved along. They were very good engineers and I was very very happy with them. On my second project which was a bit of a challenging project applying for permits etc , even though it was just fixing a garage which got damaged by storm and needed a lot of work. Josh, Nithin and his team were very patient with us and the contractor in understanding what the county was asking for and trying to fulfill the needs. Although we have submitted and waiting for the permit I am confident it will go through smoothly as the quality engineers in Prostruct have done a good job. Overall it has been a very positive experience. They are also very efficient and fast without compromising quality. I will post pictures once the project is complete.”

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