Marlena W.

May 22nd, 2022

“Josh Krumm was the engineer I spoke with. When my ADU company suggested I get a geotechnical report, all the engineers just blankly gave me quotes that ranged from $4k to almost $9k. Josh asked really good questions and even said if this is a junior ADU (which is less than 500 sq ft), it should not require a geotechnical (soil) report. My backyard in SF is not on a slope or on a fault line. I told him it was a new build, and he asked me to question the engineer before I went ahead and accepted this. Now the engineer is working with his supervisor for an interpretation. Josh informed me if I need any more help on this, he is happy to step in as the engineer. I’m so grateful to find a company that helps their customers save money and not blindly spend money.”

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